About Us

Well where do I begin...

My name is Tiffany and I am a midwestern born and bred beauty addict with a boho-chic heart sprinkled with a glam punk edge and an obsession with all things pretty.

After retiring from 10 years of makeup artistry, and over 20 yrs working in marketing, I decided to take my love for words, glitter, fashion/fashion styling and collecting beautiful things and merge them creating this fun pit stop for “collectors” of all things gorgeous and glam. 

My many experiences in the beauty and fashion worlds both in the boardroom and on set have afforded me the wonderful opportunity to turn my ideas into amazing concepts and products. Over the years, my fixation with the fab and the fly has morphed into a collection extraordinaire that some might mislabel as “clutter.” I simply prefer to call my collections “Pretty Little Things”  You see, I am the original Glam Hoarder.

My Pretty Little Things include collections of makeup and beauty products, shoes, hats and handbags, quirky t-shirts, journals and pretty pens, all things black power…oh and accessories! Yes, accessories! 

We all know that the right accessory can deliver a punch to any outfit. While working as a creative director on many shoots, I'd always find myself pulling from my own personal collection of accessories and lugging them on set to finish a look. You see, I dress by mood so I have pieces for every woman. My pieces made women feel funky and fine, exquisite and dope. And I plan to continue to do that for you as you scroll through our stylehouses to find curated pieces to help you achieve the looks you desire. 

Long story short, I just want to make you laugh a little, feel lighter on your feet and in your spirit and look stylish doing it at a reasonable price point. Just, consider me your new e-boutique bestie and style curator,  The Glam Hoarder. 

Best Wishes & Chocolate Girl Kisses,

Tiffany D. Ware, MBA

Owner/Style Curator