• 15 ways to tell if you are a Glam Hoarder

    You need a place to “house” your things instead of “place” You own 32 more perfumes than you do pulse points You lose your shit when people accuse...
  • What exactly is a Glam Hoarder?

     We are the ones with the extensive Pinterest board collections of hair, fashion and make up etc. We’ve accumulated pretty little things that catch our eyes and make us smile. We purchase things we love in every color for future use because you can never be to sure you have enough. We preserve the annual big triple sized fashion mags like there are the addendum to The Holy Quran. Our dressers are cluttered with beautiful perfume bottles as our vanities spill over with pigments and pallets. And if we craft....Dear Lord, you'll find beads, fabric, modge podge and paint EVERYWHERE!