15 ways to tell if you are a Glam Hoarder

  • You need a place to “house” your things instead of “place”
  • You own 32 more perfumes than you do pulse points
  • You lose your shit when people accuse you of having 14 lipsticks that are the same color…ugh
  • Your boyfriends coworkers think he’s dating a stripper due the glitter in his beard
  • You are always fashionably late due to trying on a million different outfits and still feeling like "you had nothing to wear
  • All of your friends and family talk about you and all your stuff and then ask to borrow it
  • You count down the days until a new makeup release like a kid waiting for Santa
  • You’ve turned your extra bedroom into a closet and still need to knock out a wall
  • It urks the hell out of you when people say “heels” instead of being specific: kitten, stiletto, edge…duh
  • You buy things like glitter, sequins, paper machete, beads, fabric and glue sticks in bulk
  • You considered naming your daughter Sephora
  • You wish the colors of your chakra’s were visible…through your skin…1and sparkly
  • Your cash back from Ebates could purchase a small island
  • You have a hard time parting with old shoes when you buy new ones so the new ones just go on top of the pile of old ones
  • Go look at your Pinterest boards…enough said

Welcome…you are safe here *big hearty LOL*

Blessings & Glitter,

Tiff Ware



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