What exactly is a Glam Hoarder?


 Soooo for years, clients, family and friends have made lighthearted fun of my abundance of “Pretty Little Things.”

They’d say things like;

"You know, you need to open a store."

"How much stuff does one person need?"

"My God! What is all this?"

Usually right before they asked to use, borrow or swindle me out of it.

*big sigh*

This made me start thinking to myself about what some may call an addiction and others may call a disorder. Hoarding. Was I a hoarder? Was there a malfunction of sorts that I wasn’t aware of simply concealed by the sparkly and luxurious or the divne and indulgent?

One day, with multiple cyber carts filled to bursting online, I gained the cohonas to face my fears and look up the definition of the word hoarder. Dictionary.com defined it as follows:



a supply or accumulation that is hidden or 

carefully guarded for

preservation, future use, etc.:

a vast hoard of silver.

verb (used with object)


to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place:

to hoard food during a shortage.

verb (used without object)


to accumulate money, food, or the like, in a hidden or carefully guarded

place for preservation, future use, etc.


Welp, to my brief chagrin all of it sounded like me. Well all, of it except for the food and hidden references (I don’t hide shit and don’t eat as much as I should). Then some magical self preserving thing happened. My mind made it all okay for me, “I hoard beautiful things though.” I laughed and with a sigh of relief all was right in my gorgeous little world again. I realized I wasn’t alone in my quest to collect fabulous booty. Hell, most of the people I know (well the onesI like anyway) are hoarders. Not just any kind a hoarders but GLAM HOARDERS.


 We are the ones with the extensive Pinterest board collections of hair, fashion and make up etc. We’ve accumulated pretty little things that catch our eyes and make us smile. We purchase things we love in every color for future use because you can never be to sure you have enough. We preserve the annual big triple sized fashion mags like there are the addendum to The Holy Quran. Our dressers are cluttered with beautiful perfume bottles as our vanities spill over with pigments and pallets. And if we craft....Dear Lord, you'll find beads, fabric, modge podge and paint EVERYWHERE!

We guard our collections of lovely finds like they are magic potions sought after by some wicked witch and all the villains in the Marvel comics series.

Collectors! Yes, that’s what we are. Collectors! If you're straddled the fence and not sure if you are one of us just read our next blog entry, 10 ways to tell if you are a Glam Hoarder.

We welcome you with bangle stacked arms once you are over your denial.


Blessings & Glitter,

Tiff Ware


  • I love it. Bottoms up w/ the cup to this article.

    Candy Hart
  • I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of me, finally a proper diagnosis; Glam Hoarder that’s me! I feel truly honored to be a part of what I’m sure is to become a shopping sensation! Glam on hoarder glam on!

  • Congratulations! Thanks for giving us lots of gorgeous Glam to choose from.

    Micaiah Yhisrael

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